Monday perfection

More monkeys. Decided to get out of the rhesus monkeys and start working with spider monkeys. This is evolving. I re-read what Vin is looking for and the poster was not part of the mix. Magazine cover (pulp or slick) or paperback cover. So, slick magazine it is ( this guy fits into that category). Need to work 9"x12", which is excellent and I can do a border thing that would work nicely....with peaches and clouds, maybe his magic staff...Good to review what the expectation is again.

Yesterday we swam in the perfect water despite it being a bit brisk. The cloud bowl was beautiful...and t We went to a nice neighborhood party--music, drinks,barbeque overlooking the lake.

Today is block and tackle day...getting little stuff done, completed and billed before the big one happens. A. just came back from the first day of Cross Country training (read boys camp) and he is ecstatic. He has a new funny group of big guys to relate to and he is in heaven. So much so, that he is going to run 5K just as a "cooldown" run. This might just be the right nudge to get him going on all fronts. I can hope, at least. More nudging with K. Lots on her plate this week.

More later.