A Connecticut Picnic

Luxuriant, sleeping until 8. Strolled down to the breakfast spread to find a roundtable my fellow students actively engaged in talking about art, illustration and their learning. Whoa. A lot over hard boiled eggs. Really fun hearing the recap of yesterday's museums, their impressions, their understanding, their personal work and collections. No shortage of brains, experience and ideas. Indeed, the students do a lot of teaching.

Have spent the last two hours modifying my business plan which, surprisingly has moved since 2006. It has been very enlightening and fascinating to see what my goals and hopes were in 2006 and where they have gone combined with my new understanding and knowledge. I feel I have another few hours on this--and it is extremely gratifying in the growth and in the anticipation of future growth in the next year. It's really encouraging to realize that the platform I start this program on is at a much more mature place as a designer and as truly, an illustrator. Two years ago I was reluctant to even call myself an illlustrator with belief, and now I can almost say it with my heart. The business plan says I am an illustrator...(and a designer). I have made money as an illustrator. My clients think of me as Q. And Q. can do all this stuff...which includes illustration. This is a lens I should use more often.

The images above are portraits from the New Britain Museum. I love the naive qualities of these images...the sheer graphic impact, the way they are designed, and how fresh they feel today.

We are off to a picnic at Jackie Decker's house. Not only is Jackie (look for the beautiful bear on the bottom of this post) an amazing person, but she is a charming, a top drawer children's book illustrator who, with the right connections could become a celebrity. She deserves it. She is taking on so much with the added week of work, but why not have 50 people on a Sunday afternoon descend on you? When does the sanctification begin? Maybe they would like a Chokers CD??

Gotta wrap it up. More later>>

More later>>