Jackie's perfect illustration house

She's a perfect --with charm matches her work, her environment, and always a delight to be with . He's perfect--a musician who bakes, makes ice cream and puts together this smashing party for a pile of strangers. Little one is perfect--sending notes from his bedroom to the front hallway, who likes to sport a wonderful George Washington wig in the local parade. The house is very Beatrix Potter where you can believe that frogs can row boats and mice can bake bread. The gardens are beautiful filled with lilies, echinacea purpurea, yarrow. and campanile. There was a lovely miniature japanese maple in a corner. The yard is filled with trees and places to discover. Our hosts made two tents outside with tables and chairs, tables and chairs below the garden, and tons of places to perch in the large great room inside. There were wonderful things to eat from seafood kabobs, fruit kabobs, barbeque chicken, great bowls of all sorts of salads and lets not forget the blueberry pies with fresh peach ice cream or lemon sorbet. It was an absolute feast --from the filled plates to our eyes and senses. What an unbelievably nice gift to all of us.

Paul Z. and David L and I had a nice time at the Big Y (why not?) provisioning for the great week ahead. We got some food and fired up the grill outside and had our own mini picnic for dinner. I cook for 40 anyway...I should just cook every night...hmmmm...whats for tomorrow? it was really nice sitting outside and having a visit. Paul and David are inspiring and smart. I think I am going to learn a lot from them as artists and really good painters.

Next week's professors have arrived. I am beginning to wind up again. You know, the Tinkelmans have totally figured this out...let everyone relax...and then whamo...away we go again. This week is History of Genres with Vin DiFate(here's Irene Gallo's interview with Vin for a bit more information). We have the fabulous Ted and Betsy Lewin all week to work on a children's book (you know, the "What is Pink?" poem with the specimen box spreads in between). I am psyched to get going on this as it is said there is a wealth of information delivered...all dead on from thumbnailing the book through looking at press sheets (I have a bit of experience with this with my publications work--so maybe I won't be so lost as I have been recently). I am excited about getting going on this too.

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