The New Britain Museum was a small, interesting collection nicely curated with illustration work hung alongside fine art. It was a tight group of images presented right as you entered the galleries. We were greeted by a strong Wyeth and a sweet Maxfield Parrish of a farmhouse, an evening image that you could almost smell the cut grass and hear the peepers and crickets. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the pulp covers matted and framed along with the original painting. These wonderful images (shown above) were showstoppers along with as Lori Ann Levy-Holm referred to the Dean Cornwell, "a juicy one". She is right, that Cornwell is a rich one... Murray had arranged for us to see a group of images from the collection later in the day--so we had a sneak peak at some beauties from the collection.

The New Britain Museum also had a Walton Ford image with monkeys, a tremendous room of Thomas Hart Benson, a lovely Grant Wood (kind of out of the sweeter palette and and a bit more serious than my favorite Grant Wood ( George Washington as a child), a Paul Manship small bronze (but you know any Manship regardless of scale is a big Manship...they have such presence). There is plenty to see--and for all of us, plenty to talk about.

Its late.