Two demos, two crits, two movies and maybe some sleep

Paul Zdepski captured the doings for today>> Dennis Nolan, illustrator and teacher gave a seemingly simple demonstration that showcased his honed sensibilities and eye in the development of a basic palette that he works with this students and his more restrained "earth" palette he uses with his own work. Dennis does something I have never seen which is to build his colors up from yellow, to red then blue building the color up the same way we lay down CMYK on printing presses. His demo made me itch to open my watercolor box...alas, I had left my key in my pocket at the dorm --forgetting it in the stupor of trying to function this morning.

The incandescent Ron Mazellen demonstrated his new oil technique which was perfected after his children's book project was completed. With the extra time, he embarked on a significant body of work with football as his topic--completing (I am going to get this wrong)9-12 paintings in less than 6 weeks. They are fresh, free and quite a break from the safety of the book. It is inspiring to see his change, a new style and techique reinforcing his confidence and quiet philosophy. I hope in a year, I can be as developed and as enlightened as Ron.

Alice "Bunny" Carter assembled our sketches and color finishes into a presentation she projected and reviewed. Everyone to a person moved forward a square..some even more --but progress all around. It was tremendous to see how everyone had developed their project with some surprises insofar as where the content and concept went, and how the color and techiques would be applied. If this is the kick off--the future is promising. Bunny gave good insights, gentle and yet taking the ideas close in on some, and way out on others. I need a bit more sleep and then I plan to dive in and redesign these pieces, get a rapidograph and get jumping. Murray suggested brown lines (or paynes grey) with color. Hmmmm. I shot some images from the show and will ask around if its okay for me to post for you.

The more senior group had digital work this week and the results were stunning. Every one of them a homerun. They worked in illustrator, photoshop and painter and combined them into a portrait or a merchandising idea. All very real, very marketable.

I wish I could be more enlightening but my eyes are closing. More later before our bus trip to see more illustration. Ciao!

top: left> David Brinley, Paul Zdepski, Dennis Nolan
second from top: left> Bunny Carter, Molly Bozarth, Ed Tuttle
third from top: Murray Tinkelman standing on the tables to shoot pictures of the Dennis demo.
second from bottom: Linda Tajirian, Ed Tuttle
bottom: David Monette, Lori Ann Levy-Holm.