early notes

Just more notes:

> Murray suggested last night that one should scan/shoot the sketch process of the dream project for reference for a slide show on the development of an image. (Note to self: do it!).

>Remember the process for deriving palettes in CS3 Photoshop and Illustrator. What a dream. How easy to do. Really will bump the red/black/white palette I cotton to to another place. What alone is worth coming to this bootcamp and brain generator.

> Bunny Carter said to think of my illustrations in layers--like a diorama box or those cute little 3D stages made out of paper or wood for kids to play with (or to that matter, for stage designers to design in...distinct foreground, middle ground, background). I needed to put my head on my pillow to see where this could go, and I am really excited about this. Def. something to put into action.

Bunny teaches kids to illustrate, specifically for the film industry at San Jose State University. She showed us some over the top impressive reels her students have done--from the early work through that of graduate students. The sheer energy and brawn of all of these students and the process they go through to become ready to spring into these film jobs is mind bending. Which explains her reference to where the camera is, talking about illustration in the context of film making, and with that how the story breaks out into frames or images. She thinks within the frame with her decades of illustration experience, within the context of being raised with illustration and art, and her own developed understanding of how it all links together. I think as my mind relaxes, I may understand more of what she said, and what it means, and how I can use it to my benefits.

> Talking with Dennis Nolan with an extrordinary boost for me (and I know many others of my classmates)--he delved into the world of ideas and reference, a balm.

He talked about how it (in his mind...) is hard for women particularly to open up--to allow themselves a chance to not be responsible, to expand beyond what they know--to trust themselves the space to evolve. As I think about it, he may be on to something which I originally had chalked up to a bit of sexism...but it's not. We women do have a different gearing with the general management of lives, eating, living, and the design of all of that to be woven in with the money making aspect of our lives (work), and broad life planning. We are presented with life and we have to make sure everyone else is living it--putting yourself in a fade--giving and thinking for and about others. I do not complain about this role. But, one assumes it as for me, the whole kids/work thing was something I had a dim understanding of when they put the tiny baby in my arms at the hospital and waved goodbye. There is no clear road map for any of this stuff--we learn as we go, but we never focus on what is in the mirror and work on that person.

For me, this has been structured, listed and planned in parallel with everything else --ie: get milk, pay taxes, get thus and so done for thus and so....so where does "find yourself" fit in the listmaking? Somewhere between get the snowtires off in June, buying tickets for Christmas in August, making sure the treeman comes to cut off the dead limbs before someone gets clobbered with one, and the design of a crystal cupcake? I don't think so. This self development is what got many of us gals to the program...and maybe, it could in a rudimentary way be put on the list of doing and executing stuff--scratching at the surface--but not going deep. Maybe this will happen for me? So, I think I was wrong in my initial impression of the idea Dennis floated out.

He also gave me a slew of references that could help with my thinking...many of them being japanese artists (prints) who I have adored and looked at forever, never really seeing the context--and being absorbed by their color and story. Need to put down all the google fodder for reference later.

Business plan due for Jim Carson by August 15. I can revise the existing one.

More later>>