Dragged myself out of bed (didn't hear my alarm). Quick work getting our pieces ready to show and for a crit this afternoon. Am feeling like I have a direction, but that these pieces still need quite a bit of work. My compatriots have wonderful work (reminder: take the camera for the final crit...maybe I can get some images for you). The group has fused as a unit and the walls are down. These projects have been remarkable getting us to talk to each other, to the teachers and talk about our fears and phobias.

I have had remarkable direction from Murray--not only how I should regard myself but also how I should proceed with my work. His vision is clear and steady..and I trust him. I had a good thesis conversation with Doug Andersen and Murray. It's pretty clear that I am going to be forced out of my corner with figures and fields, with horizon lines and reference--and color--to try my wings and see where it takes me. I do not know if my progress will be noticable at first, but I need to get the wheels moving so as to see growth by November. I need to leave my fear and negativity at the door (as directed by the team) and focus on work and what I can do. Can do, not what I can't do...and not look to the exquisite painters in the room, but focus on my fellow decorative illustrators (including the Sienese School, the ancient egyptians, and wonders like Kay Nielsen and Murray Tinkelman). Another deep breath. And, for that matter, why compare. Just focus on what is in front of you. It's simpler.