New week

Ron and Virginia here until mid morning. It was great seeing them--talking about the state of programming, of public television, of the thinking around media and communications. They gave us a wonderfully perfect present of a very fragrant, asian lily (4 bulbs) that grow to 5 feet tall (as tall as me!). Now all I have to do is worry about where to plant them that the damn big rodents, deer, not discovering their yummy, snackiness. What a perfect present for early spring---when the promise of 600 daffodils lurks, and the honesty of our delicate clusters of snowdrops boldly proclaim the snow and ice is done. It was shocking to pick up A from his first golf game of the season, to see the destroyed willows in the fields split in half as if a giant snapped these elegant, tall trees in half. The highlight of my trip was a large, loping, teardrop shaped, wobbling, gobbling turkey--leisurely strutting across the highway and then upon getting across the street, he opened up his stride and started scooting into the pale field across the way.

A three part illustration job came in from Steuben. I had a lovely time talking with my client about the "ismus of was", cool retail ideas, the fantasies of what could happen should the stars align. I love this sort of fantasy talk because sometimes, just sometimes an aspect of this thinking can happen. They need ideas in two weeks---which is cool-- but the concept they have is pretty abstract---and I will need to make it pretty, decorative and yet representative of the idea that it all falls off of.

Our wonderful electrician was here running wires--an art experience--neat and tidy-- using old chases, dropping lines from existing lines etc. We are two steps closer to the cluster of 2 bathrooms, a laundry room and closet to reality. Mandy painted. David C. coming later to manage the high dust level.

K is busy worrying about clothes for France. We worked through all the combinations-- adding and changing one piece for another. We have talked about the various phases of the "little matchgirl" personna and whether it plays in Paris. So, we got into the details, and K was very patient and attentive. I think we are close. She wants to be noticed, but my fear is that she doesn't want to be noticed as the silly little clown-- but more the elegant and stylish girl. She understands the delineation. K. also got into the NYSSSA (Summer Arts program through the NYState Dept of Education). This year the visual arts program is at SUNY Fredonia versus Brockport (last year). I think as K is doing photography/psychology next year at school versus visual art--it might be great for her to keep her hand in by participating this year.

R is late at CMoG with a crisis. He is deftly handling it with his intrepid staff and the ever responsive, Steve. What a bore. But, the moment they open the doors tomorrow, it will not even be an issue. So, we will eat, take the poochita out and shut down early. I have an interesting CPSE/ CPE meeting first thing tomorrow at school. Big, scary project on the table. I hope we can find the student and her family some help and attention.

More later>>