I work with a different schedule than my daughter. I have been on her to pack, and plan, to make lists and to work her lists. She lies on the floor and hugs the cat. She reads her book. She laughs and tries on clothes. She says funny things. She does almost everything other than the stuff I want her to do. Her reply to my pushing is that she can exist with whatever is in her suitcase. My retort is that ten days without underwear is a stretch. She had to concede that I was right on that front. And so, it continues. She is off to France tomorrow for ten days. It will be great for her (hopefully with a few undergarments and fewer costumes than I know she has stuffed into her little orange bag).

It is warm out. The plants cannot dawdle. The willows are turning that wonderful brownish, green--promising leaves. The little sedum nubbins are bigger each day. The hosta shoots are poking their heads up. Our guest gave me three, glorious asian lilies that can grow upwards to five feet (' you know, you will have to stake them!")--so I am pondering where to plant them so those vermin, the deer, do not think it's candy time.

Big doings at School tonight. Review with the middle school on eighth grade--the shadowing day, the trip to Washington DC, and the scheduling for HIGH SCHOOL on the horizon. Then the bag check (camera? passport? euros?) for Kitty and Tax review with R.

Work continues apace on the two bathrooms/laundry room/closet project. Lots of detailing and making everything fit. The wonderful electrician is here along with the carpentry team. It is closing in...and we should be operational shortly. Its all this back and forth and then you buy all the fixtures and floor>>and badabing>> it's done.

I am busy with my ink pens doing goofy drawings of rattlesnakes. I don't know where they are going, but it's fun and maybe one of my pictures for Texas can be a resolved version of one of these. I did around 5 of them yesterday--and have one in the works on top of my pile of real work. So, we will see.

More later