They came. They ate. They threw pinecones for Shady. There were stories and notes, issues and nonissues, a general catching up and going someplace. We are lucky to have the cousins from truly afar stay with us for two nights so we get a dose. It is great to see them, to hear about their issues, their aging, their lives and living, and what concerns surround them. It is confirming and affirming.

Another perfect cloudless day with temperatures in the mid to high fifties. A. is playing golf at the Hillendale Golf course with his friend Ben (on the eighth grade golf maybe A can pick up some pointers). K will be back from a sleepover with our needing to find current translators and getting her packed for her 10 days in France with the French Club.

I am researching yellow roses...roses in general to design around the portrait of a buffalo for one of my Texas pictures. I have decided to work with the Chicken Choker reduction technique (one or two color only for heads) to see where to go. I will, however, give myself permission to do the roses in yellow and black and white as the key is the yellow. Plus, with as stylized as roses can go, maybe I will use my drawn approach and try to merge it with the more formalized thesis style. There will be a few images in this group.

Gotta go.