gotta go

Rushing about to the store and back to get ready for a gathering of the clan chez Camp today. There will be food (cornell chicken not withstanding), there will be a limitation of dust, and there will be the great pushing of dirty clothes into closets and under beds. There will great chewing and talking. There will be the smaller members of the clan that the buckets of legos, and boxes of long haired ponies will be presesnted to. There will be more eating, and talking (and maybe wine drinking) and there hopefully, will be some fun!. But, we need to gird our loins.

Had a great chat with Jim Reidy, musician extrodinaire, about Drupal and what it can do. My engines are revving and there will be a Drupal blog for Hartford Art School that I think may be called "Squint"--which is Murray Tinkleman saying that if you just squint (I know he will correct me on exactly how he says it..and I will give you a ps) you can essentially earn a MFA (and forget about the three summers). We will have RSS streams of anyone who talks about Hartford's Illos program, a list of students and alumni (offering a small portfolio page for the students), an open forum page for students to share sketches, A blog, a place where the Carol Tinkleman epistles are posted, Alumni news and so on. As Drupal is very flexible, if we find we do not like some thing or we want some other type of content, we essentially change the frame or the"theme" and away we go. So, next week the sketch to Jim and we move forward.

Gotta go.