Ten Images for Ithaca (Greece) Competition

The competition invites this year all designers to set their imagination free and talk about their dreams, whether these are images and feelings the human mind creates while we sleep or their hopes and wishes. Therefore, the term “dream” can also be used metaphorically, it can be the “starting point” of an idea or be the main theme for the final piece.
The ten best entries will be printed into banners with dimensions 2m x 60cm and will be hung along Ithaca’s promenade for the entire summer of 2008. Their creators will have free accommodation in Ithaca on the weekend of the exhibition’s opening (July 2008). Each individual or group may submit up to two posters. In order to enter the competition, each artist has to register through this website. Each piece must have dimensions of 40cm height x 12cm width (15,75’’ height x 4.73’’ width) and must be uploaded as an electronic file (pdf or jpeg), resolution 360 dpi, maximum file size 10 MB.Entries can be uploaded until 31 May 2008. Visit the site to learn more.

Have a little time? Could be worth a trip to Ithaca, Greece.