Phew! I just got back from the congregation of Flaxnation. They were all there--all shapes and sizes, in clothing and in bathing suits and camisoles, tossing shirts from bin to bin, trying things on and commenting to their neighbors about how they look and how things fit. Human mirrors with edit buttons.

Highlights include:

> cool linen and silk plaid shirts (colorway being pear and a blueberry and ivory plaid, or a purple, rust and ivory, or a lemon yellow, cool red and one with red/turquoise and yellow). This material is beautiful and has a nice hand and drape. There are sleeveless and sleeved tees to go with them.
> coats. Not wonderful wool like the Eileen Fisher ones--but coats in about 4 different shapes. Ivory, tan, black, navy. The basics.
> if you like florals, there is this box of huge, single colored floral print shirts, tees, pants in turquoise, pink, grey colors (turquoise with turquoise flowers). Big print. I thought is was a bit overwhelming, but the ladies that were draped in it looked good.
> lightweight linen sleepwear: pants, shirts, nightgowns. Pear, white, or a bluish grey.
> Neesh stuff in general. I bought K a forties style dress in black, transparent material and a layered black lace skirt.
> Really nice boyfriend shirts in a puckery cotton in white, washed orange, washed grey, washed denim color and my favorite, a thin blue stripe on white--kind of mattress ticking type of pattern. Same material had pants, capris, wrap jackets and these long tunics with a placket and buttons down the first 6" from the top.
>Flax basics. All linen, all the time. Ivory, brown, black. Perfection.

If you are in the neighborhood, stop by. Its worth it. They give everyone a free, linen bag made of their material to stuff your finds into. The $5. bins are terrific. Prices range from $35. and down. Nothing goes much beyond that. And, they have a ton of merchandise that they are constantly opening up boxes and putting out. So, Friday is different from Saturday and Saturday from Sunday as it is all dependent on what gets moved onto the floor. Plus, a new add is there is a Bierkenstock shoe truckload sale that is happening in the parking lot so you can work the entire LOI (look of Ithaca) if you so desire. Merrill shoes are an option along with Teva sandals. It is the uniform of the Flaxnation. Once a year. We should make it a holiday! Why not?