sunny day

R is off to the American Museum Association convention in Denver today. He is sitting on a panel discussion tomorrow, so our fingers are crossed that maybe his baggage is not lost and that his travel is as simple as it can be given the hook up in Philadelphia and the dreaded bus trip. K and I got back from the pharmacy for some last minute purchases for R and two rose plants ($5.99) from in front of the store. It is so springy that I can only hope that those nasty deer do not eat the rosebushes...and if they do, I hope the thorns get caught in their stinking throats.

I have been chatting with these wonderful people--both linguists with one of them with expertise in Sanskrit and the Indian culture. I have challenged him to help me find a story for the Ted and Betsy Lewin course this summer, the development and illustration of a children's book. There is a story about the antics of monkeys and a king monkey that looks promising...but we are going to eat lunch and chat about this...and we will see where this can go.

Just got back from the new movie about the Rolling Stones. I agree with many of the reviews...not a 4 but def a 3. There were some sensational moments--perfectly cropped, perfect slices of time and expression that were transcendant. It portrayed men doing their work, with love and humanity as a family. Mick and Keith seemed fragile--albeit with all the steam and energy as before, but somehow on the edge of their abilities but also with age wearing them down. Mick has hearing aids. And Keith, who I never thought as a gentle being--came through not as a campy old musician, but someone who loves his music, the show and his engagement with people in the band. For me, the semi nutty quality that Scorsese portrayed as a character was hilarious--New York paranoia matched with a personal vagueness yet edginess that he portrayed. Scorsese was almost a little guardian angel or animus that spun the plates to bring us this vision of the Rolling Stones. It is a nice hour or so of music. I would try to see it in an IMAX or a theater with kick booty sound. That was limiting for us.

We are having a downpour--Chet the Lawnmower man was hoping and hoping for rain...and I think today we got a bit of what was required.