Get the work out there

Meet Amanda, our friend, our helper and all round amazing person. Amanda is an equestrian, a dog and animal lover, student and soon (hopefully) to be studying at Cornell (landscape architecture). I gave Amanda one of my Memento Mori books and she showed it to the tattoo artist she consults and decided to have one of my illustrations tattooed on her arm. Amanda is a tattoo pro--she has a full back tattoo filled with color and very complex illustration. She has a tattoo from her neck down filled with all sorts of color and imagery (including a pierced heart). So,taking the encouragement/ charge from my mentor, Murray Tinkelman, you need to do the work and then get it out there....we are gettting it out there. And, surprisingly, there are takers. We hopefully will celebrate Amanda's new tattoo with lunch with the artist and maybe with a show at the tattoo parlor.

What you can see on Amanda's arm is the outline of the proposed design. The design is transferred to her arm and then is outlined with a fine needle on her arm . Amanda told me that the artist had to get an extra fine needle to do this detail work...the extra fine schaedler pen of the tattoo world. In about 2 months (the artist is way booked up until then), the flat planes of black will be filling the outlines. Wow.