Well, here I am. At the airport. Waiting after the shuffle with the homeland security cha cha and before we get to walk out on the tarmac and climb onto the flying pencil they call an airplane. Here's the good news--its daylight savings time so by the time we take off, there will be a bit of sunlight, and having the security stuff done here in the elite, weensy Ithaca airport--it takes the stress out of the big crunches that the big, urban airports impose with the zigzaggy lines, the waits, the shoes off shoes on, stuff. I packed and then repacked. I decided to bring my powerbook for work and for my reading audience. I know there are going to be good things--and they just seem fresher and more important with immediate posts versus waiting. So, we should have some fun between us.

We saw a fox and a raccoon on the way which was cool. Foxes rarely let themselves be seen. Speaking of seen...the meat headed turkey vultures are back. They were circling last weekend over our side yard--and K and I saw one perched nonchalantly on a highway guardrail. Just as cool as could be with his bright red head, and brilliant chrome yellow beak. It really feels like spring. For real spring. We might get another dose of snow...but that will be the last. We all are ready despite it being a fairly mild and unremarkable winter excepting the snow.

On the homefront, K was just in a wonderful production of Studs Turkel's "Working", a musical. The Charles O Dickerman High School Drama Club did themselves proud--with many of the leads filled by new people and every student valued whether they be a lead or part of the ensemble. K was great--really projecting with great animation and verve. Plus, after seeing the costumes she put together from her own clothes, I have discovered that that is what she is about fashion...Her closet is a costume closet--so sometimes we get gangsta K or little match girl K, or "nerdy" K--its all about personna and costumes. So, as a biker chick, a cleaning lady, a street urchin or an office worker, she was very much in her element. It was great seeing it twice to really be able to enjoy the hard work and the excellence of their performance. We are all (everyone in the audience) very proud. We are going to host the cast party next Sat. in the evening. Get out the sheet pizzas and lets pop some popcorn!

More later>>