Philadephia--waiting for flight 3223

The Ithaca flight took off early. The flight attendant as an aside, told us that they were transporting something for an eye transplant. I would assume that was an eye. A flying eye. An airborn eye. How do you pack it to keep it steady? So, a packed flight and an eye landed early getting us into the gate earlier which gave me time to pickup a cord that will patch my phone to my computer for charging. After my flight changed gates 3 times in 15 minutes we now have an illuminated sign to prove that its for real. Phillie and the tedious B10 shuttle program can always be improved with the bus driver politely indicating your new gates (terminals ABC) as "awlgates" which none of us understood. I asked for clarification...and got it...the same. But, I am here.. and on my way.

got some coffee and after one sip, I had to toss it. Man, am I spoiled with the local brew.