Fort Worth in all it's flatness

Never count your chickens before they are hatched. Remember the bouncing between gates? That spoke to what happened next. The "equipment" was in, but he crew was still in D.C. so we were delayed an hour and a half--with my chair partners being a grumpy grampa and granny who bitched and moaned about the state of the world and where it was going. We inevitably got on and off on our way. Packed flight. They were offering coupons for people to get off--however, the next flight was 4 hours later...and who knew if it was booked or not. I was slightly tempted...but not enough to drive me to it. The flight was long. I sat next to a very interesting person who does consulting in the banking industry, but his heart is in his work with the Cooperative Fund of New England and his work with affordable housing. The Cooperative Fund provides loans to any type of coop--from food, to day care, to businesses or galleries (he cited Handwork). There are lobster coops, fishing coops, cheese and dairy coops-- you get the idea. Pretty cool. And it was yack yack yack until we got into Dallas Fort Worth. It was pretty chop chop with the bags and getting the cab...but wow. This place is flat, beige and Christian!. I am still gnashing my teeth over not having my camera out and poised when we drove by this supersized white flag with the word J E S U S emblazoned in red on it. Fabulous times ten. Lots of "baobab-bby " types of trees a la Le Petit Prince. Tons of supersized churches, chain restaurants, plazas. Lots of cars. Lots of train cars. Everything has a definite beginning and end. No blurred edges here. Everything is big big big just like my hunger! I think I need to run out and see if there is something I can gnaw on.

>>more later