Listen to the Mockingbird

The bridge above this is right outside the hotel--with a long flat expanse of water. Quite pretty. I decided to take a stroll to see what was about, and what was to eat. I saw a bazillion mockingbirds with their loud song, somehow amplified and quite caustic. I think they were courting because the brown and black girls were elsewhere and there was lots of preening and odd body contortions. Its funny, but I saw an audubon of these birds in a thorny bush with yellow blossoms tangling with, yes, a rather fabulous rattlesnake with his jaws open so wide they actually formed a vertical line. And now, here is one of the snaps I took of the same. I have to collect more. Further down the street was a swanky shopping plaza with an Origins store, Talbots, Ann Taylor,  Williams Sonoma and so on. I love the skulls which ornamented capitals and there was of course, the lone star being celebrated in stone.

I have a salad and the pillow is looking very tempting. I did lose an hour in the time change.