running to get it together

Organize. Organize. Get money. Go to the post office. Schedule the High School Cast Party for the group. Pack? What to pack? Hot or cold? could be both. Or Not. Confirm with Hotwire. Send notes to E. for the work for next week. Get stuff into the common drop box. Pack? Wash? Unpack? not unwash. Charge the ipod. Charge the phone. Disconnect the powerbook. Pull the random papers out of my sketchbook. Weed down the pens (from a million to a half a million). Ibuprophen? Celdane? Confirm flight. Confirm room. Confirm hotel can do the shuttle. Pack.

As you guessed it. I am running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. However, I do have an interesting  think...for my thesis perhaps I will illustrate and design 12 CDs of For Real projects for Old Time music. It would give me a chance to use my computer technique and my drawing technique and create a library of imagery around "what is Old Time" and fuse it with my work--almost a momento mori moment, but pointed at this Old Time world. I have had success with the Chokers and I hope, soon with my new artist, Carol Elizabeth having a body of work focused on this one area where no one spends any creative focus could be cool. It would allow me to spend some time figuring out imagery that says old time like houses, woodcut inspired stuff, wheat, flowers, clouds, snakes but not fish, more birds and chickens, songbirds, butterflies etc. Plus the idea of illustrations with complementary patterns and stuff could be a great resource as well. Maybe? Will need to talk to my Mentor about this. We'll see.I did give up MM for a while (and it has been a good thing)--and R seems to think this new idea has traction. Do you?
Just a thought.
Gotta go.