gotta run!

Work happening under the stairs. A new bathroom off the front hall! Dust, dust and more dust! but soon, a new bathroom which will be very nice and very elegant as the current one (the remodelling of the former owners in the mid seventies on a tiny budget--yuck) is ready to go away and become part of the back concourse. But, my eyes are itchy and the floor is dusty...and spring cannot come soon enough so as to have the doors open when this sort of thing is happening.

Grinding out this old time thing. We have it in a place it can hold while I am out with the Hartford Illos Group with Mentor Murray and the hardest working gal in the Illos biz, Carol. We are off to Dallas/Fort Worth to see rodeos and line dancing along with James Tennison, Ray Mel Cornelious, Gary Myrick, Dorit Rabinovitch, Jack Unruh, Phil Boatright, Don Punchatz, Real and Muff Musgrave, Bart Forbes, Jose Cruz and more. I leave on Sunday and come back the following Saturday to snow and the Cast Party for Working chez us. So, it should be a busy one--but fun as I will have a preview of all the interesting folks I will be spending two weeks this summer with (in addition to the new group coming in "year one" with me. I am puzzling over clothes as right now I have multiple layers, my new wool boots and no end to things to wrap around my neck, head etc. And they are not doing that in Texas.

gotta go. Am running late today.