March madness?

Long day today. Pretty much 3 evenings finishing late for the CD project I am working on. Today I completed a portrait (from a less than satisfactory image) to make it jive with the bird from yesterday, while bridging the floral on the inside ( the portrait has a wreathe of flowers around the bottom...). Had a nice talk with the manager of this project--and he was helpful re the context of this artist (he didnt come outright and say she is big, but she is big)), the desire to attract a new group of old time music fans (not to be confused with the existing fans). This is what I have been prodding--which is, what is good, great, excellent for this new audience? What are they looking for? What have they responded to? or will respond to? I am sticking with clean with the imagery being fresh, open window simple--but not pictures of mountains and lakes, not pictures of simple landscapes or tablescapes, nothing that feels quilty or cross stitchy. But we are making good progress. Maybe I could become the oldtime music diva that commands attention in that quirky little world. The people are really nice, very earnest, and serious. When they get good work, they can't believe how lucky they are. Talk about payout.

The pool was delightfullly quiet recieving the troubles so peacefully and acceptingly. My arms tell me it was effective. It was a nice back and forth, contemplating Old time music imagery and how to make it, keep it simple-- how to establish a look and feel that everyone wants. The end is near in the basketball tournaments, and play front. R. is late tonight working on a tv commercial. The ice is still here. The village picked up our major pile of logs that fell out of the trees (to our delight and surprise).

Had a nice lunch with my client who was bedecked in hot pink rubber wellies, a kiwi cashmere sweater, a necklace filled with dog charms, and a silver pocketbook to beat the band. She is a "burg girl, so we have lots of laughs and fun. She loves dessert and talking about how delicious everything is as she eats it. She eats life with gusto surrounded by a wild menagerie of animals and her darling, ever patient, ever giving beau who we both secretly think is perfect. She is a bit like Eloise--and would skitter with the turtle if she had one. We had a nice chat, a this and that--and then focused down on our publication which is moving along quietly. Its going to be nice.

late now. must say good night.