Twinkling grey

I am thinking about the future education component at Hartford this summer and have been worrying over the pending projects. I think that the Pool of Dilemmas might be an interesting self authored/illustrated book to do with Ted and Betsy Lewin. Its a great topic that I think could have legs--and it would give my ink style a chance to stretch a bit outside of the land of remembrance. I could introduce Skittles, The Russian Ladies, the look of the people with goggles etc, the distance between the crosses, the dumping of the worlds problems, the olympic swimmers, the water runners...etc. It has a color palette (blues, greys), and it could be designed/laid out to be in the windows like a graphic novel. Could be interesting to develop and render the cover and 3-5 spreads. i want to do the images anyway. So, this gives me the opportunity to think about it..and take it further.

The other children's book options are: something using the translation of Stuwwelpeter/Slovenly Peter; the little book of "epitaphs"--taking memento mori images further...; or something more traditional... I think the original writing and images might be good. A bigger stretch. Maybe chippy little poems?

All the streams and waterfalls are swollen with rain and snow like springtime today. Raging water swamping the banks...particularly Taughannock creek by route 96 is particularly impressive. It was misty and cloudy this morning. Very romantic and beautiful with mist and spray rising out the morning greyness. Hanging in the air below the bridge.

New client prospect linked in today. Also, new potential work with Steuben. Finishing up Ithaca Art Trail application--its a good thing to have to assess my resume/statement etc. Only yucky part is having to get my picture taken. How I hate it.

More later>>