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Steady and slow. Wet snow with big big snowflakes. Winter is back. Slugging away on project work. Touching everything, moving things left foot/right foot forward. Need to go deep and look at a bunch of different (more historical reference) Caslon fonts this p.m. to tune up and funkify a mark for the new show at the Corning Museum of Glass, Glass of the Alchemists. Need to make some changes to a big trifold for the Museum on the soon to open show, Reflecting Antiquities. Moving and grooving.

Schedule it in: ICON 5

July 2-5,2008
New York City
(a block of rooms are available at the Roosevelt Hotel)
The Icon Blog>>on the doings of the conference.

Whitney Sherman, inspirer, innovator, illustrator and educator, is heading up the conference. I wish there was a bit more on the plans etc. but, it will be a fun time...and a real charge. I wish I could fit it in--but with Hartford starting a few weeks later, I will have work to get in front of prior to the two weeks doing full time illustration. If I wasn't doing the education thing, ICON would def fill the brain juice department. Think about it. Will be fun and rewarding.

Working on a bunch of corner and border elements as it relates to Memento Mori today. Am blocking more solids in and not slashing in as many highlights and saw tooth shapes in as much just to see how it looks and balances out.

More later>>