Super Fat Tuesday

First, vote. Then, eat pancakes and King Cake. Red, white and blue mardi gras beads? Is Obama the Mardi Gras King? Hilary the Queen? Why hasn't there been a photoshop merge of these ideas. A big super fat event...complete with a color palette, staging and entertainment with a full fledged cuisine that could drive extra funds for Katrina victims while amusing us with donkeys and elephants. Why didn't I think of this earlier?

One more page of the second volume of Memento Mori and then it will be ready for Lulu. Lots of moving the images around to make more complete ideas. It is interesting as doing this sort of project as themes emerge along with approaches. It seems that I am more deliberate with the work recently. I am doing today- I work through an approach with 3-4 renderings which may not be the end of the pursuit. I did about four looks at this layout of a head and wings (not the one posted today which was a random one off). Volume three is in the works...with writing, quotes etc. 

Heard a great story on NPR today about a musician in the Reich-ian mode, Stephen Scott, who writes music for bowed piano. The music is wonderful--trancemaking again, but a bit more emotional, range-y than Reich. His newest album was sampled-- The Deep Spacesis bright and listenable.

This is the Bowed Piano Ensemble, Colorado College for your amusement and inspiriation. NPR said that seeing this type of piano performed was like watching an operation. I think they have it.

More later>>