Honk for Service

Guess where the Wonderbus is? Right! at the House of Service at Ithaca Honda (with an interesting waterfall, yes, Taughannock Falls from Tburg, as their logotype). Hopefully, we will have a functioning sliding door (which hasnt worked since day one)--and which, we have tried more than two times to get fixed. Always an issue--a part, a this, a that. I am optimistic. They say third time is the charm. I am hoping.

New CD pack designed for the Chokers along with a sticker (from Sticker Guy) and possibly some collectable pins too. They are doing a "repressing" which is exciting as they have sold out of their stock. Jim Reidy has mentioned that there is another CD in production from old performances possibly coming out in the next year. I will, of course, update you all as we go. Chokers to play with the Toughcats this Saturday at Castaways. Chad Crumm and Friends are playing at Felicias from 5:30-8:30 this Friday. So--amusement galore.

Got the samples of the Memento Mori Vol2 in the mail. Overall, the square format is working, bigger type is working and the brevity of copy is a nice change. However, there were some fingerprinty types of white marks in the luscious blacks that I need to check the files to see if they somehow are there. It looked like a onesie...but, it was marked the same way in all 3 books. Wierd. Will amend and then do the first printing. Movement.

Another bit of Memento Mori news: Amanda! Amanda, our gal Friday and future Cornell student (we hope) has tattoos. Yesterday, she asked if she could use one of the illustrations from the Memento Mori Vol1 book to be tattooed on her upper arm. She is going to get the"deco" area (I hope) and we will revise accordingly (adding another thistle etc.). So, that will go in the thesis as well as the other random stuff that has been falling out of this sketch process. How does one work the rights? I guess its a one time use?!

More later>>