Big melt

The thermometer on the wonderbus read 41 degrees this morning after the vigil at the House of Health. Every teacher who has the day off today was there...happily doing their own thing, talking smartly and acting efficiently making the regular attendants (me) feel like maybe staying in bed was a def. option. However, after slugging it out--I gave myself a treat and drove the long way home through Taughannock State Park on beautiful Cayuga Lake. There were three of us entralled with Taughannock Falls and the tremendous volume of water streaming from the top. The bowl of stone surrounding the falls still was covered in ice, snow and spray--but it was so wonderful I had to dig out the little picture machine and take these for you. Every little fall, little creek and stream were raging this morning--and with snow and ice back on the schedule for later this week are trying to become one in the lake...with more water promised later. I would like a mess of snow though. Grass seed (another favorite of mine) becomes an option on fluky days like this.

Got all my stuff done for Hartford. Room scheduled, slides collected, little "this and that" about me, etc. All I need is to get my physical done, with the requisite paperwork completed. Soon.

Choker mini poster done. Same with the Sticker. Need to call and confirm the sticker. Toughcats playing with the Chokers this week. More later on that.

Keith Frank played at the Rongo last a huge audience. Its great that the Embassy got a good group and could be vital. Gal Pal Amanda said it was an impressive show.

Gotta go. Work awaits. More later>>