eye on you

My head is splitting. I entered Communications Arts, Print Magazine, The Schweinfurth Made in NY 2008 show and prepped for the American Illustration/ American Photography--which is an online entry. Also entered and R got the art to the Kitchen Theatre for an art auction and art auction website going up in March. Each show was different, with different rates, expectations etc. I hope its worth the effort! It generally is try try try and you are out out out. But, who knows. If you throw enough seed, maybe some birds will circle...and if you are lucky, one might land to eat.

Had a lively chat with the cute Murray Tinkelman this morning. He was full of all sorts of news, ideas, thoughts. He wants me to give Memento Mori a break as it might not be the right project for my thesis. I will give over and see what happens. There is a wealth of stuff to do--and this work is not for naught as my hand has freed up; I am working positive/negative, negative/positive again; and I am taken with the content regardless of the final. Maybe something having to do with Hindu mythology? Likenesses? Images from the Pool of Dilemma? The Chinese signs of the zodiac. Murray hinted at more than a single potato from a composition standpoint. That's what I do...a potato...thats it. So maybe layouts with two potatoes, three potatoes and a radish, four potatoes, a radish and a daisy? If this thing doesn't push me, then what sort of educational bang for my buck will I see? So, now I have something new to worry in the timecracks during the day.Lucky you. You get to go up and down the rollercoaster with me while I piddle my way through all of this.

The eye is the graphic for a possible 1" button for the Chicken Chokers (along with some copy? some color treatments of the Chicken etc.)? Should be fun. The buttons are really cheap (500 pieces for $65).

Spoke to the fabulous Richard Williams. He is teaching everywhere--but on a class by class assignment which sounds like lots of time in the car. It sounds like he is getting worn out. We talked about possible other ideas for bodies of work that might really get him noticed....and he seemed excited about one in general. It would be cool if he pursued it...as he truly has the skills to do it...just the push to make it happen and do a bang up job would get it noticed for the content alone. If it starts happening...I will give you a peek under the tent. Also heard from Ross Hogin, SU classmate and Art Director extrordinaire, who is painting up a storm in Seattle. I betcha he is getting traction...as there was tremendous promise in the paintings he did while he was with us at Syracuse. Maybe I should beg for a jpg?

Gotta go. Mike Callahan, a friend that goes way back with us, is playing at the Pour house.

A domani.