Getting ready

Tons of laundry and putting away. Sadness with the pets, they somehow know we are am=scraying--and are not too pleased. The itouches were given. Lukewarm for one recipient, HOTHOT for the other. They are right now, in the groove...and the less pleased is growing more and more engaged and happy.The thinking was internet connections and calendars Maybe technology will help them get their stuff together.. Rooms for the first two nights( Kimpton Hotel in Westwood), booked. Car, booked. Xmas eve and Day, booked( old favorite, Hermosa Beach Hotel). Bags--packed. Ready for heat, cold, wet and dry. Cameras. Loaded and charged. All liquids etc.--packed. All we have to conquer is the snow.Dinner on the table. Need to go. Just wanted to say, I will do something tomorrow a.m. on the phone. Steady as they go.