white and quiet

Mr. Cranky (Cat #1:otherwise known as TJ --Turbo, junior) is doing the thing that drives me nuts (and would probably make a good children's book) which is knock on the big window in front of my computer. He gets up on the big stone sill, and leans against the window, swiping it with his nasty little scratchy paws up and down, screechy little chalkboard scratches...incessant until he "gets my attention". I threw hm out in the snow this morning as he was loudly suggesting he spend some time in the basement (and this is not to chase the mice and the voles, the groundhogs and anyother creature that has decided that they, too, need to live with us) to spend it in substitute to time in the litter box. No no no. Out he went into the beautiful, silent snow. He and his foster sister, Mei Mei have lovely long grey coats..so outside of no boots, they have the gear for the weather. Cats! Shady Grove, dog extrodinaire is accomodated for our trip--and she will be spending time with Mandy, Jill of all trades, this holiday. Shady has been very lovey recently, climbing up into our laps (she is a 55 lb dog that thinks she is tiny), leaning her head on our knees or on our shoulders and in the case of a cold room, fills the heat gap quite nicely.

There he goes again, the grumpy Mr. Cranky, knocking at the window. Enjoy the sill, Mr. Boy. You need to chill (both ways). And so. You. Will.

The cake was eaten and remarked upon. A. had a delicate first slice and then upon discovering it was chocolate, zoned in on a enormous one which reassures me that today, the leftovers will be a concept. We had a nice gathering with the eighty plus year old birthday boy--with all sorts of talk about technology etc ( he is fond of apple computers and equipment). Speaking of equipment, take a look at this>> Drobo is a nice little mini rack that you can buy huge amound of memory (which we seem to go through like nobody's business) that backs itself up along with backing your computer up. This is what we have been looking for since I bagged the expensive tape drive system we were using and have both gotten big LaCie drives along with some cockamamie thing E. does with Amazon...Affordable. Back up of the back up. Need to do a deep dive on this.

We go to LA tomorrow. Need to ready the troops and pack. Shouldn't be bad. LA promises to be on the cool side, so jackets are in order.

Working on some patterns, decorative backgrounds--and need to review the good sketches to best understand what my mentor, Murray, sent via email. Then I need to call. I think I get it...the convention of NO WHITE LINES, and the idea that one can open up a hand...as it is a representational image, albeit not a rendering, and make the fingers have joints and bones unlike the rubber gloves I drew in my notebook. Need to look a bit more. I totally agree with his assessment. Now the call, now the redraw.