We arrived at the airport on time yesterday a.m. to find that yes, we could get to Philly, but not to LA.We might be able to get on by the 24th. I was prepared to pack it in, go home to Shady and try again a few days later. R. mentioned first class, and our ticketing agent hear another ticketing agent say Dulles...and we were off to the races without much time to spare. So, this great guy rescheduled us through Washington DC via United--with an upgrade (albeit later) to First Class from DC to LA. So, there was a bit of frustration in the waiting (combined with K already losing her new itouch at Dulles--count it, one day). We were tired, but R. insisted we look at Dulles terminal (designed by Saarinin), ride the rooms on wheels and go to the remote Smithsonian Exhibit on flight. The latter was bagged as the wind was bitter and we didnt really have the bundling necessary to wait (albeit we did) for the badly marked bus location/bus to take us to the exhibit. However, the Saarinin building was magnificent. Perfect in its perfection, in the spaces, in the actual design and thinking that this space represented. It was also great that somehow (either budget or otherwise) they hadnt gummed up the design by retrofit or changes. The graphic treatment, the counters are all consistent with the original. Apparently, the design was concieved that one would go to check in, and then be ushered to these room buses which were very "Disneyland of Tomorrow" feeling (old Disneyland exhibits with manikins who were animated at the waist to move from left to right wearing "space suits". Then this room with wheels would drive you out to your plane. Interesting concept. But doesnt work a lick.

It was Obama mania in Dulles with a ton of "Inauguration Centers" that sold no end to stuff with Obama's image and the presidential seal..very English in the plethora of stuff (maybe no teacups or collectible spoons that the English are so fond of). Everything was very tempting (it is Christmas) and a white hoodie with the presidential seal with Obama's head photoshopped into the whole mess was glorious.It was sad (there has to be a story here) that the remarkable Fairey image was not used on the cover of the magazines, nor any of this merchandise. Instead, he is very ripped off (enough changes to stand up in front of a judge as diffrent) and the knock off work is blinding. Did Shepard Fairey want too much money for uses? To think that you are ripped off for Time(not sure the banner) and you wouldnt cave for that instance (and charge a bit less) for the exposure? Makes a girl curious.

I was charmed by United's hook to use beautiful and whimsical illustration to depict their upgrades, products, services. The sheer body of illustration they are buying (almost in the mode of children's illustration) is huge with some of them being animated for inflight program advertising. There is an illustrator I am going to need to google shortly who's work I saw on the subway in NYC ( a subway poster of people having fun at Coney Island with a short poem..I think). United had commissioned him/her to do a big illustration of Dubai which they used it its entirety and then snippets from it for other details of describing their program. The work could be paint or hard pastel pencils..a very Wanda G'ag style (Millions of Cats) with mounding trees etc, very stylish/deco inspired work using floral motifs in funny cute ways. His radiating skies are great. I love the way he transitions color from an object to the sky using a feathering, hard edged shape (in a color).

The flight was uneventful. The chairs were delightful as was the extra space, the continual flowing of water, and the nice people (even the yelping kids) were good. I made some little origami things to amuse the kids, (which it did) and knitted a hat(completely)--down to icord trim and pigtails.

Thought about next steps to move this illustration work forward. Thumbnails! I need to do a pile of them and from that select 4-6 images to do for SF. I will then have the "thesis" albeit, that would not be the end of the work. Kitty's portrait is half done...and want to do one of Alex, Mandy and Mabin. I also have the butterfly girl to paint and amendments to hands etc. I have a few months to get busy.

We are staying on Wilshire Avenue at the Kimpton, Paloma hotel. Very nice and designy...with all the wall sockets in the right places, the beds comfortable and the staff very accomodating. WE will be here for two nights...with Westwood to explore. The Armand Hammer museum will be a def. And, a huge show on Klimpt on the roster. You can get my updates on Facebook as it is a quick note taking way of staying check that out too. Cool. We can see the ocean from our room with the famous Westwood movie theatre and the new LDS temple in full view.

More later