Before I forget, pencil it in!

Print Regional 2008
entries due: March 3,2008
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Here are the pros: 1. Illustration category, 2.Max fee...meaning enter as much as you want or even do some cross entries for the jumbo price of $225.:

Please note the entry-fee cap of $225. Submit as many as you like (single entries, campaigns or series, or a combination of the two) but don't send more than $225. Any packaging entry, whether a single package or a family of packages, will be considered a single entry (fee $35). Any letterhead entry that consists of stationery, envelope, and business card will be considered a single entry (fee $35).

Its a good show and the publication is always interesting and more diverse than others. I am always thrilled to get something in...and they have an affinity for illustration to begin with. So get ready to go nuts!
Communication Arts
Illustration Annual
Deadline: March 8, 2008
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Their FAQ is very informative and fleshes out who what where and when of the show. This is the grand daddy of the Design shows. Hardest (to my thinking) to get in. Who knows, cute sells.. maybe the Cornell Xmas card? The Chokers Poster? We will see? They might like a burka lady? Or the first Memento Mori book.

Work to do.