New Year, New Opportunities and much more fun

We travelled yesterday--so no blog entry as we got into our snuggly beds around 3 a.m. leaving LA at 12:30 on a non-eventful, television filled ride to arrive with the time change in NYC around 8:30 pm. The time change and tail winds were all in our favor so arriving in Syracuse (with R monitoring the weather hourly)--to dry roads, no snow showers (as projected) and no one on the road was delightful.

What a nice trip!

What a nice eight days away--with such a variety of experiences and thought janglers complete with family and good low brow everything (especially the fish tacos!). We are all appropriately inspired with K and A sporting new surf fashion (unlike anything anyone else has here), A has the longboard and the grown ups have new ideas in formation. It has been a great last year with the illustration work coming on, the kids moving on with growing up and changing into the interesting people they are and will be, and projects for R. evolving and coming to fruition. There have been some travel (outside of the educational travel) that has opened up my mind to new ideas, new approaches, new artists and new ways of looking at things. There has been new friends and clients to challenge what I do and how I do it...and also who can use the new illustration dimension to better speak to their customers and friends. There are new sports and projects for the kids, and old projects changing and evolving for R. The neighbors, my inlaws, are stable and living independent lives in relative health and significant happiness. So, all in all, 2007 has been a boon to all of us. We hope it continues in 2008 with positive change that moves us all further in our quest to live interesting, productive and engaged lives.

May it be so with you too.

I am off to buy pounds of lunch meat for the tribe. After that, I have at least 3 maybe four entries for you-- Olvera Street, Murakami, Hermosa Beach, and my scatterbrained hypothesis on california surf graphics and illustration and why it has to come from California.

So, more drivel today from yours truly.

More later>>