Q. Cassetti, I Love Fu, 2009 Digital and Pen and Ink,Surprises abound. I noticed that Jackie Decker, the tremendous future Beatrix Potter illustrator from Hartford got into the Society of Illustrators LA show (via Facebook, of course). I got twitchy (as usual) and started scanning my email to see if there was a little note for me. I was twitchy because of course, I hadn't gotten in (after submitting an absolute carload of pieces)...and kept at it. There it was! The SILA "You got something in" email. Phew! Twitchiness aside, I got SIX pieces in-- they are the Hartford SF Geisha (which I couldnt show this summer as we could only show one),the Jiri piece that got into SI NYC , I love Fu, Finch Valentine, Bee Mine Valentine, Sweetness Valentine.

We also got the recent copy of Creative Quarterly 17 in the mail and was thrilled to be among some outstanding work in photography, fine arts, graphic design and illustration. Charles Hively's Creative Quarterly publication is well structured, diverse and very interesting from the work shown to the advertising and book reviews that parallel the body of the piece. A portrait, one of my "portrait an hour" done in fear and trepidation of the Gary Kelley/ CF Payne class on portraits along with the Jean Tuttle/ Nancy Stahl digital class (also focusing on portraits). I shouldnt have gotten so worked up, but that is what I do--and interesting things often come out of the fear. Back to Creative Quarterly. There is a magazine which the select of the select are placed (I have one) and then the additional pieces go onto a website that shows those "runner ups" There are five runners up along with the portrait that got in here>>


Before I forget, pencil it in!

Print Regional 2008
entries due: March 3,2008
online registration>>

Here are the pros: 1. Illustration category, 2.Max fee...meaning enter as much as you want or even do some cross entries for the jumbo price of $225.:

Please note the entry-fee cap of $225. Submit as many as you like (single entries, campaigns or series, or a combination of the two) but don't send more than $225. Any packaging entry, whether a single package or a family of packages, will be considered a single entry (fee $35). Any letterhead entry that consists of stationery, envelope, and business card will be considered a single entry (fee $35).

Its a good show and the publication is always interesting and more diverse than others. I am always thrilled to get something in...and they have an affinity for illustration to begin with. So get ready to go nuts!
Communication Arts
Illustration Annual
Deadline: March 8, 2008
more detail>>

Their FAQ is very informative and fleshes out who what where and when of the show. This is the grand daddy of the Design shows. Hardest (to my thinking) to get in. Who knows, cute sells.. maybe the Cornell Xmas card? The Chokers Poster? We will see? They might like a burka lady? Or the first Memento Mori book.

Work to do.

Society of Illustrators 50th Annual Show

The Chicken Chokers at Grassroots got into the Society of Illustrators (truly, the best of the best when it comes to illustration) show in the advertising section which delights me to no end as it was a job done out of love for local culture, an admiration for the musicians and the tremendous spirit and verve they have and an opportunity, yet again, to do a chicken illustration. Three for three. And it gets into a fairly tough category to boot. Now, let's see who else is in? I heard Scott Bakal got in too! Yeah Scott!

The Awards Gala is March 28th, 2008 and exhibition from March 29- April 26. Artwork is to be picked up April 28th -May 30th, 2008.