Countdown to Grassroots: Two days..

Chicken Chokers are also playing this week in the alley at Felicia's Atomic Lounge from 5:30- 9:00 p.m. on Friday. If you cant make the Pourhouse or the Sunday gig, this might be a good opportunity to see the Chokers and get their CD. Have to get a poster going for them for placement at Felicias. I am thinking a less quiet colorway to shift out a little.

Ordered up a nice new epson maintenance tank and matte black cartridge yesterday to complete the outputting of the posters for Grassroots. Also got fiberboard flat envelopes for the prints from Uline (not the standard, Browncor) as they were backordered everywhere else. I am asking for people to register their prints so we can keep track of the edition and also begin to create a list of people that like this sort of thing.

Back on the Shady Grove illustration. I have done something new--which is the grouping of all the midtones into one shape, the shadows into one shape and the high highlights into one shape on another layer, so I can turn them off and on as I go...which makes the doing and editing far more pleasant as I do not engage all the parts and have them move around every time I add something you fix as you go...which is tiresome. The Cornell illustration is at press....and came back as they wanted me to give it a reinforced black (remember this way back). So, I changed the black to 100%K, 60% C, 40% Y, 40%M which will give us a ton more dimension in the final process printing. My original hope was to use a super matte printing ink that then we would dry trap a flat/matte varnish on just the black area (spot) to really go somewhere...but I have revised this detail as I am instead printing cards for myself by creating 2 pms plates that switch out during the job. Should be nice to have a cute card to send to my clients....and if there are left overs, sell next year. Send me your address, and I will add you to my list!

I am thinking of an illustration of Dick Cheney for 911. I truly hope this man in the future, gets put in jail along with the other clown for, frankly, crimes and misdemeanors. Lets remember Nixon was pardoned--but if he hadnt been, he would have gone to jail for essentially, breaking and entering. Kid's stuff compared to this crap.

Also have been looking at reference photos of women who become suicide bombers. Such beautiful and pure girls who, in their unwavering belief, carry out these heinous bombings, bearing the ammo with the belief they are sacrificing their lives for a far more noble goal. And often, their families do not support this change and their final sacrifice. I have been thinking about these people--and the little boys (fifth graders etc) and the women. It is all so tragic.