Big Week

Went up to Brockport to visit K for a few hours...the fam, Shady Grove and me. She was in tremendous spirits with nice friends, lovely studio space and art spaces in general and some pretty gorgeous work. She is studying drawing (they need to do 1000 drawings in the month they are repeats, no real structure)...and she is churning away on that. She is also doing figure sculpture which is very formal and structured with the teaching around relationships of size etc. with the class all working on armatures with plasticine. Sometimes they work from a skeleton, sometimes from the model..and the work that was happening in that little studio was very much college level skill and product. Impressive. She has some very nice friends, all very much part of her tribe.

Thesis done. Bound. In shipping mode. Pictures go to SU tomorrow.
Done, done and done.

Grassroots on the upswing. Volunteers are all in place. Rabbit Run is filling up with folks lining up for a shot at the best camping spaces. Local buzz is that the bigger ticket price is to cover some of the more expensive talent from Australia etc. coming to the festival. Who knows.

Big happenings Wednesday night (Grassroots eve!):
--of course the Chokers at 8:30 at the Pourhouse
--The Talktomes, around 9:00 at the Rongo
--Aceto/Stiles Gallery open that evening too
Schedule it all in...

I betcha the "Wall of Beer" is up and ready to go at the Shure Save to all of our excitement. Never too much beer for this sort of fun.

Little bow to our fellow Tburger, Chris Wofford who is blogging about Tburg>>. It's brand new--and should be a nice slice into the cultural scene around here. Take a look and urge him on. The more the merrier round here.

Click on the poster to see it in a nicer resolution and sharpness.