Learning lessons

Took all the big pictures up to Syracuse for the thesis show/presentation. This was very fascinating and enlightening. I would have liked to have had this information last summer before the ramp up of the show. First off, there is a wonderful and really smart exhibit designer and preparator who is a tremendous resource we should have met and been encouraged to tap as he is a wealth of options, ideas and resources for how to output/present/ show our work whether it be framed, mounted on gatorboard or a traditional painting (which, to no surprise to me, is all thisprogram is geared to). Andrew had ideas about packing, travelling your work, work protection etc. He also knows all sorts of things such as how to think of editions, how to proceed with archival vs. non-archival etc. My ears were open. My pen was flying.

Chris Wofford, The Trumansblogger "Wonders about Drum Circles" as a little bow to Grassroots today.

They are all here in force. Jamming Rabbit Run.Getting ready for the Nation to get going. Grassroots Nation.

Chokers tonight at the Pourhouse. Baseball practice for the tournament. Posters getting finalized.

More later>>