A cloud filled day

This wonderful boat came down the lake early this morning. R said "Hey! It's Horatio (Hornblower)!" and though it wasnt as big as a boat Nelson might use, it was quite impressive for our little lake. The clouds were picture perfect--and I shot and shot pictures from on foot to in the passenger seat in the Wonderbus.

New cellphones for the littles and me. We shopped and switched from Vera Zone to AT and T as well. Cool new phones with AT&T with the oppt'y to scale up to an iphone when the desire and price meet. It was impressive to watch all of us with iphones on the brain for now or even later pour into the AT&T store--all with the same pleas on our lips, the same complaints of Verizon's crap service and unresponsiveness....welcoming even a slight shift in product and servicee from the "please wait for a half an hour before one of our highly qualified service deliverers can deliver their quality service" insult. Hope for the future.

Grassroots programs are printed and at Gimme! for the planning and scheduling in the near future of four musical days. The Rongo features "pregame" music the night before and our Pourhouse is revving up with the Chokers doing a set or two before the opening. So, for those of us in the 'Burg, Grassroots starts at least a day early. Pencil them in!

More later>>