Boy Wonder

We all miss K. We dropped her off at her school which was wonderful and to us, seemed filled with potential. We propped her room and threatened the R and our friend M would show up with miles of gauze, staple guns and ribbon to do the room up the way it needed to be done .K was very interested. Lots of diversity of the kids. Counsellors seemed nice and interesting. Lots of greenery and a stones throw to a sandy beach on Lake Ontario (Hamlin Beach) which we visited and throughly enjoyed albeit comparing it closely to the divine Taughannock. She is going to have art history, faculty lectures, a dress ball, trips to museums and galleries, discussions on portfolios and homework. It will be a growing experience for her. I hope it is promising and fun. More as we go>>

We have been feeling like our hearts are emptier and she is missing. We call her...and bore her with our curiosities of friends, food and doings. Things will unfold as we go.

Boy Wonder inquires regularly to K about the hotness of the chicks. Isn't it nice to be 13? Boy Wonder, above, caught after a pose he struck to be fabulous for us. Not.
This is him.