More rain

Buckets yesterday. More promised today. Four new monarda plants added to the collection--all new plants going gangbusters. Need to get K. figured out today--getting cash card approved, getting toiletries and detergent for her clothes. Wrapping up some comps for our clients. Got a nibble from the ISpot yesterday with a deadline that I cannot deliver on. Exciting there is some interest.

I am cited today on Illosaurus>>

Traded pdfs with a classmate of our thesis. His work is amazing and the story he tells in the thesis, heartening and rich. He also sprinkled his references and development work throughout the paper to enliven the story and make it easier to read versus flipping back and forth. I am in process of picking up that same approach for my paper. Additionally, need to get the "Works Cited" page for the addendum. The end is in sight.

Had a nice email chat with Carol from HAS (Hartford Art School) with the ISDP MFA program. She sent me links to the folks in the program--some very accomplished and interesting work. I need to start revving up about this program. It's going to be fun. I hope the wine job will yield some money to pay for this program this year. That would be great.

More later>>