Waiting for rain

Today is a day that induces a zombie-like stupor, where the only thing that makes sense is to sleep, and sleep and when you wake, you will yourself back to that place of slumber. Stunning, warm,humid air is bringing the scent of the lilac tree under K's window and filling the second floor of the Luckystone with a heavy,sweet memory of spring. The clouds are filled with possible rain. The sky and water are the same pearly grey color--when you squint, it blends with lighter grey blue landmasses bearly visable within the pearly greyness.

Chicken Chokers
on the radio this morning. Saw Chad of the Chokers yesterday. He was beaming over his pleasure with the new album and the possiblities. It was so sweet he came by just to share his happiness. I know in my bones they will be in a good place with this album. To reiterate my offer: THE FIRST TEN READERS WHO SEND ME THEIR EMAIL/AND SNAIL MAIL WILL BE THE RECIPIENTS OF THE NEW CHICKEN CHOKERS '07 CD! Enter soon and I will throw in a handful of my new promo postcards for your use and delight.

Gotta go. The paper awaits.