After a nice chat with the leader of the Ithaca Art Trail, I was left to ruminate over the topic that Light in Winter is addressing next January. There might be an opportunity for those of us on the Trail to have a little show of work that addresses their theme of "Identity". This is a tough one. Where to start? Is it gender identity? or personal identity? or identification within a community or the Communitity's identity within the world? Is identity what we identify with, but diverge from? It is all too confusing. Therefore, with the confusion, a picture may emerge. Thank goodness I have more than an hour to think about this.

Some new news. The Rongovian Academy of Fine Arts is now listed on this interesting new blog catalog called surprisingly, the Blog Catalog which will allow us to get our Mission, Vision and Values of the institution to a larger world. We will see. I spent a little time tooling around on the site and saw some pretty cool stuff. I am sure I will be linking you to them as I find em.

The picture above is a little creature that leapt into my notebook without me seeing him. He is smile-y but could bite! Watch out!