hot summer Saturday

Chip, chip, chipping away at the thesis and all the crazy notations etc. Just made a lemon poppyseed cake, baba ghanouj and a big pasta salad for the big kids that live here. Went down to Ithaca to buy some books for K to take to a birthday party for triplets. A hung with all of his friends, the Middle School fun fair, pizza and skateboarding. Bought a bunch of frames for the Ithaca Art Trail sale from TJ Maxx. Am looking forward to filling them with smaller images to see how they look and how they might be priced. We had a nice little lunch at the Ithaca Farmer's Market. Rob had indian food, I had the summer version of spring rolls, and K ate burritos. Garlic greens were prime to buy.There were some lettuces that looked good.

John Tamerbrella,from Glenhaven Farm Winery, our new friend who is a blueberry farmer, was at the Farmer's Market doing tastings of his wine. He has a nice light wine, semi dry and made of blueberries. It didnt even resemble a dessert wine or ice cream topping.I am looking forward to blueberry picking at Glenhaven Farm in a month or so.