University of Hartford: ISDP MFA Illustration: New website

Hartford Art School (HAS) presents a new site for their new MFA ISDP Illustration program:

"The program was conceived and is directed by internationally renowned illustrator, educator and illustration historian, Murray Tinkelman. Murray has over 40 years of teaching experience including over 30 years experience in organizing and leading successful Limited Residency graduate programs. Murray was awarded the prestigious Distinguished Educator in the Arts award in 1999 by the Society of Illustrators.

According to Murray Tinkelman, Director, "Mid-career education is becoming increasingly important. It is inspiring to see successful, established illustrators who are willing to be critiqued and to learn from each other.""

Hartford Limited Residency MFA>>

It's a great site. They show faculty resumes, faculty portfolios, student portfolios along with all the nuts and bolts needed to apply for the program. Well worth taking a look a at the future for limited residency illustration programs. This is all that SU has missed by a mile. Its all grown up and very real and serious.

Get Psyched.