Obey the Purebreed.com

Obey the Purebreedis a Shepard Fairey knock-off if ever I saw one. I first thought had was that this was pure Fairey, but the Fairey clues were not there...ie. good typography, lots of texture and pattern, his singular palette (turquoise and magenta are not in the mix) and the reference to the A/star shape with Andre the Giant's simplified head adorning the shape are not part of this designer's reference. He is using the Obey brand...very conspiciously--but his goofy humor doesnt match up with Fairey's wit and consciousness. Plus, Shepard Fairey did not go to Rudgers. He went to RISD. I wonder if S.Fairey knows about this knock-off guy. It hurts his image with the confusion.

Thoughts anyone?