New cushions on the terrace. Picked them up from Barry at Finger Lakes Service. He had a totally beautiful, refurbished wooden Chris Craft boat (The Rocket) that he personally put over 2,000 hours into. The green and white, huge stripes look great on the terrace. Sunbrella with zippers so they are washable, fade free and have a life beyond a year or so. And, Barry stressed on the stripes and all they could do. He also worried about draining and put brass grommets in the back for drainage or if we want, to create ties to tie the cushions in place. That Barry, good brain...that he uses with every job he works on. yay. done.

Someone/thing got into the trash. Urg.

Huge rainstorm in the middle of the afteroon. Promises of some more which we love the idea of. Pretty nasty humidity. A. claims its 99% Humidity--comparing it to Miami. K adores it. I find it encouraging that this the stuff. I am with A. on the heat and humidity. I used to hate the hot end of school. We have two more half days and school is out at the MS. The HS is done. Reconfigured the chiuaua to make it bolder and simpler. Planning on another dog or two. The scarier the image the more uncomfortable folks get with the cute idea of dogs. Everyone likes this dog...but as an aside, to a man, they claim that no one will want this to grace the space over the mantlepiece. I like this dog as it reflects the scary clown heads that the local circus companies used to post in multiple panels (today, we would refer to this type of poster as "tiled output".

The MOB (Mary Ott Band) was wonderful at the Pourhouse complete with Marcus singing and drumming. Rickie was there with his pocket trumpet. Mary stopped by to tell us about her new foal she is training to put her own bridle on. We loved her story of the process to get her to do this. Mary is glowing. We are delighted for her. Musical Royalty was at the Pourhouse--sleepers amongst all of us who are regulars.

I hear the rumbles of more storms. R. is coming home tomorrow. It will be wonderful.