Just did the paperwork to apply to the University of Hartford's ISDP MFA program (Hartford Art School). The check is in the mail (along with a little chat about this and that...and the basics on who you are, where you live and what have you done with your life). This is pretty exciting business. I will start summer 2008, graduate 2009 with another thesis and more focused time on all this illustration stuff complete with the Tinkelmans and team. Am pretty psyched.**

I guess this means my head is moving elsewhere. Syracuse feels almost done. The work is completed, the paper is coming back marked up...All we need is to finish the two hot weeks and the "defense"--and we can get a transcript and go. No need to worry about the alumni association chasing us down.

**- If you are considering Hartford and want to get more information than the website provides, contact Carol Tinkelman directly (her phone ## is on the MFA site). She will be able to flesh out the program more than the existing web stuff will provide.

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