Sunday and today

AliBob was 9-6 going flat out with his pal, Marcus. Boating, swimming, mowing lawns etc. So much so, while waiting for dinner to happen with his grandparents, he stretched out on a chair and totally conked. Unshakeable sleeping.

Kitty spent time on her room, sorting her clothes, putting some in the wash etc. We took a break to have lunch out as a treat to find that the Falls was closed at one on Sunday, so we went to the Paradise Cafe on 96. They were closed too. So, off to Wegmans. You know the lunch drill there...Nice. easy. On the way home, we had another, "why not" moment and stopped at Early Bird Farms for deer resistant plants. It was fun looking at plants and grasses with Kitty and her new interest thanks to Rose at the Gothic Eves. They had a nice selection and we had an informative conversation with a lady who worked there about those pesky deer. Rule of thumb, she related, was to stick with things that have a smell or taste and or "blue" plants. Artemesia, veronica, nasturtium and more. New deer strategy brewing here. Give up. Plant deer resistant plants and make lemonade with these lemons. Why shouldnt we have a nice series of plantings grouped together that is nasty to these pests? Instead of fantasizing about plantings with flora that I the plants that will work. Another idea is to do plantings with "weeds", cultivated "weeds" that deer won't touch.

We saw a huge hawk on the way home. We pulled off the road to watch 2 big turkeys and their 5 babies cross the road. Turkeys are really primordial.

We had a nice dinner with the senior members of the tribe. We celebrated fathers day with our grandfather--and encouraged stories about our great grandfathers.

Today, we get work to our clients. We are having lunch with our dog client...which should be tons of fun. We have a ballgame tonight--an away game I need more specifics insofar as where and what time. K. needs to push against the Science regents test...and study a bit. I worry she is too relaxed. She hashorseback riding this evening...which may create a little push/pull with the baseball driving etc. I will figure it out.

No rain as promised yesterday. Projections for tomorrow. The grass is sharp and brown.

image is a cropped part of a dog I am working on (a sneering chiuaua).