K was off frenchifying (or is that frenchfrying?) at Ecovillage with swimming and crepemaking at her chic teacher's house. So, I got AliBob to myself. We had lunch chez Falls and then Work!. We went through his closet and drawers, piece by piece with my raising each piece and asking "stay or go". We made short order of his stuff and bagged it. We organized his dresser by identifying what goes where. He seemed to like it. He is organized. He knows what he has, fits. And all the things that he hates and has been giving house room to, are gone.

I then bagged the low hanging fruit in my collection. We moved all the bags to the front porch, brought the now summer tired Wonderbus around and loaded 7 bags. Big 'uns. Why wait? I thought--So off we went to make a delivery to Sals. Sal's has a pullup in the back (new news for us as I have always dragged the stuff through the front door). And it was short work. Refreshing!

On the way back, I thought again, "why not, its here"--and stopped at Hillendale Golf Course and dragged ole Bob with me (he didnt kick up too much of a fuss), to find out about lessons and meet the nice pro. Hillendale is really nice--not too upscale--but humble with a restaurant that recalls the old days at the Elmira Country Club (on a smaller scale), and a proshop in that same vein. It seems tangible and friendly. I can see a fit. All lessons are given after 5, so i am going to call the pro and pencil in a few prior to school getting out.

We went to the Village Greenhouse to discover that Rose has the same deer issues (though she has a fence). They ate all the sunflower seedlings. I have noticed, they do not eat between the lines... Those pains have started eating (not nibbling) all the hosta on the quadrangle side of the house...leaving the stems in some cases. Same with the sedum. So I got some spraycomprised of various "oils of" (cloves, cinnamon etc) in a base of egg whites and magic. If this nice stuff doesnt work, then it's the sprinkle type called "Critter Ridder"(love the name) to ratchet it up a bit. If that doesnt work, A and I have ideas from watching the Luca Brazzi scene in The Godfather. There are options to being nice with these beasts.

Sprayed everything. Also bought 4 Monarda plants (deer resistant, I have read) and weeded.Socked them in.Its a little tidier. A little.

K. attended the "YouthFest" at the HS with all the high school bands playing. The scene was fun. She seemed to have had a good time. Yesterday was her off day.

A. off to be with Marcus at his lake place in Geneva. K is getting the same clothing "stay or go" treatment and regents review with me today. She is not such a willing participant. However, I am dragging her out of bed around 10:30 so she doesnt blow the day with her beauty sleep.

Shady Grove "ate K's homework" by ripping pages out of her open bookbag--looking for snacks. She found some Celebrity Cruise candies, a bag of frosted flakes (she neatly punctured the corner and in her ladylike way strewed them everywhere). Tea at midnight?

More later>>