Iron Butterfly

Extrordinary weather. Low humidity, coolish (mid to high 60s). Socked in the poor zinnias--looking a little shopworn and raggity. Worked the better part of the day on an illustration of a branch of holly for the Christmas extravaganza happening here on behalf of our jolly customers who want to be on point before the snow falls. The holly, surprisingly is slow going...but will be nice when its done.

Yesterday was a work day. K needed to work on the paper that represents 20% of her grade. She somehow thought it was something she could knock off after riding the day before it was due. I thought it needed more work. I took charge.So, after my railing at her and coming up with a plan that every hour and a half, I would see results or she would have to sit by me in order to do the work (a fate worse than death), we got a typed draft and first round of edits done. Yesterday was another round of edits with discussion (positive and thoughtful) around what she wanted to say...and saying it. This is the approach we are going to take in the fall too. The work got significantly better and I think she saw it too. A., in fear of the toxic mommy, read his book, did his work and had "a party" to go to at his friend's house.

Baseball was rugged yesterday. Coach R. ran them and drilled them such that when we came to get A. he was wavering and feeling worn to the bone. The baseball boys are going to be better players after a month with their beloved Coach. Their coach was jogging with them and doing all the stuff he demanded of him (which for me is the way to drive respect and attention because the import is being demonstrated not just talked about). After a huge jug of salty gatorade and some grilled chicken, he wasnt complaining as much and had a bit of a bounce in his step.

K's yearbook came yesterday to her delight. I find it amazing that every yearbook looks the same. Almost Groundhog Day-ish in the same pictures, same "har har" funny photography, same antics and bad graphics. How does this happen? I am stunned by it.

I have another dog picture in the works. It is a papillon surrounded by butterflies. It is sacchrine in it's cuteness...and could work as an example for children's book illustration or a cute thing to frame for a kids room. I like where this is going. A little more levity, a little less quiet. Making some nice progress on it.

D went to the lake to redd up--and we didnt communicate so he couldnt get in. I had him work on the porch and like lightening, I asked, "could you mow?". So hopefully, the grass won't be up to our chins by the time our knight comes home from his pilgrimage.

Will chat later. Feeling a bit guilty I haven't given you anything in a few days.